Hearing Loss Treatment Options

Type of Amplification Devices

Wondering what type of amplification is best for your hearing loss? We have the right solution for you, whether you have mild or severe hearing loss.


Personal Sound
Amplification Products

Hearing Aids &


Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAPs)

  • Provide limited audible improvement in quiet
  • Increase speech understanding in quiet and non-challenging listening situations
  • Limited improvement in noise

There are hundreds of PSAPs currently on the market, ranging in quality and price. For those considering this amplification option, our audiologists recommend the following devices:

  • Bose® Hearphones
  • IQBuds
  • The BEAN®

Hearing Aids & Systems

  • Improve ability and comfort in noise and complex listening situations
  • Improve speech understanding in noise
  • Completely customizable
  • Connect with smartphones and other Bluetooth® enabled devices
  • Stream music and TV audio

Hearing Aid Manufacturers

Hearing aids are designed for all types of hearing loss, lifestyles and budgets. We work with the following manufacturers to provide you with a custom, first-rate solution for your hearing loss.

Specific product offerings may differ by location. Our Audiologists will make the best recommendation to fit your individual hearing loss. Please inquire for a hearing evaluation.

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